Bullfighting shows in Jerez

Such is the love we have for the Horse Fair that the whole Servitoro team got together to set up a website dedicated exclusively to talking about how wonderful the fair is, and not just us, the whole world says so, as it is a festival of International Tourist Interest.

Let’s get down to business, we started to take out the posters that we have been promoting for years, and excitedly we couldn’t stop telling the anecdotes of each season, and with a lot of laughter:

“Do you remember the year José Tomás came to fight? Tickets were sold out in 20 minutes”.

Another colleague commented “last year I took my niece to the bullfights, a teenager who is unable to take her eyes off her mobile phone and during Roca Rey’s performance she was enraptured …. and now she keeps asking me to come back to the bullring”.

“What happened to the Concurso de Ganaderías? It is the emblematic bullfight of Jerez. Should we tell people how important it is? People don’t know that it is a foundation of bullfighting in Spain”.

We put all the material on the table and got down to work. You can see the result on this website. Below you can see the history of bullfighting fairs that we have been supporting, promoting and enjoying like crazy.

We are passionate about Jerez and our goal is to make you fall in love with this wonderful city that comes through the eyes. And to make our plan a rounded one we are going to tell you about all the places you can go to in Jerez, some of them touristy (and others not so much). In other words, everything that the guidebooks don’t tell you about so that before you travel to Jerez you’ll already be thinking about when to come back.

On this website, you will find absolutely all the information you were looking for about the Jerez Horse Fair, which will make you enjoy your trip even more.