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The Horse Fair is the most important festival held in Jerez de la Frontera (Cadiz), the week for which the people of Jerez wait all year to dress up and enjoy themselves. It has been declared of International Tourist Interest, and people from all over the world come here attracted by horses, wine, flamenco, gastronomy and, of course, bullfighting. It starts a week after the Feria de Abril (which in turn depends on Easter), and this year 2024 it will be held from 4 to 11 May.

Like most fairs, it arose in the Middle Ages as an annual livestock market, in this case mainly equine. With the passing of time, the social part became more important and nowadays the Parque González Hontoria, where the Real fairgrounds are located, is home to more than 250 stalls that are bustling from early in the morning until the early hours of the morning.

The Fair begins with the lighting of the lights and fireworks. This is the start of a week full of activities: stall competitions, singing and dancing performances all day, tapas competitions, horse rides… The men usually dress in short dress, if they ride horses, and the women in flamenco dress. At night they wear half-dresses. On the equestrian side, there are parades of horsemen and horsewomen, stalking and demolition trials, cowboy dressage, exhibitions of harnesses and morphological competitions.

The horse is undoubtedly the absolute protagonist of the Jerez Fair, and its bullfighting fair is one of the best known and most popular, with posters full of stars and important successes.

Programme of bullfighting shows Jerez de la Frontera, Cádiz. Andalusia 2024

Love for the Andalusian horse

There are Tartessian pieces from the 7th century BC that testify to the love of horses in Andalusia. C. that testify to the love of horses in Andalusia. Part of this story has its origins in two brothers from Jerez who practised the mysterious trade of blacksmiths at the beginning of the 19th century: they crossed an old Carthusian stallion with a Percheron mare tired of rattling along the roads carrying goods from one side to the other. The crossing turned out to be as magical as the brothers’ profession and the mare gave birth to two foals, a male and a female, both singular, but mainly the colt, with qualities and beauty like no other mare in Jerez had ever seen before. From this colt, which was given the miserable name of Esclavo by his masters, it is not known why, it can be said, without fear of error, that the most spirited horses in the stables of Jerez today come from this colt.

During the 20th century, Jerez’s tremendous love of horses has been reflected in the events that reveal the quality of this hobby: The celebration of the Semana del Caballo (Horse Week), whose first edition took place in 1954, and the foundation, in 1973, of the Real Escuela de Arte Ecuestre, under the guidance of Álvaro Domecq, is known worldwide for the show “Cómo bailan los caballos andaluces” in the palace of Abrantes or de las Cadenas, where the show Así bailan los caballos andaluces, which has been performed all over the world, can be seen ever since.

The horses are the best examples of Pura Raza Española. Impossible jumps in the air, spins, controlled gallops, carriages. The rapport between man and horse is such that sometimes during the show you don’t know where one ends and the other begins.

Bullfighting programme Jerez de la Frontera Bullring

Cycles of shows to be held in the Jerez de la Frontera bullring in 2024, dates to be confirmed.

Upcoming events Jerez

The Feria del Caballo 2024 will be held from the 4th to the 11th of May; a week in which the city of Jerez shows its enormous tourist attraction.

The Plaza de Toros (bullring) is attended every afternoon by a multitude of fans, a unique spectacle that remains in the history of bullfighting. Tickets must be booked in advance, as the bullring fills to capacity. This year there will be four bullfighting spectacles.

Season Pass - Feria del Caballo Jerez

Buying the season ticket you have access to all the shows that take place during the Feria. 4 unique bullfighting shows. You can buy it through Servitoro or by calling 963308593 (Opening hours: Monday – Friday 9:30am – 6:30pm). At the box office of the Bullring: dates to be confirmed.

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